Interior Creations

By Lynna

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Interior Creations by Lynna 

Will provide an in-home consultation determinimng the necessary steps enabling us to provide the look our clients desire. Upon request, we will provide a portfolio, giving clients a better understanding of modern day design and serve as an inspiration to their own unique look.

With a passion for design, we cover all facets of decorating, from working with clients on new homes, to full scale remodeling and renovation for both residential and commercial spaces.

Owned and operated by Lynna McGuyer

Who has built a business based on trust, by designing spaces that portray a client's unique style. Lynna believes that everyone deserves to have their spirit captured and reflected in their home.

About Lynna

  • Conducting business in the Bay area for over 30 years
  • BA in Interior Design
  • BS in Psychology
  • certified color coordinator, Wall & Window Design
  • Award winning custom window treatment designs, Wall & Window Design

Why work with Interior Creations?

Well, we can think of a few reasons (impressing company never hurt anyone, did it?)

  • Integrate your style preferences into each design
  • Take advantage of affordable pricing
  • Create Totally unique environments
  • Refines the elegant details that can make or break a design
  • Work with a trained color expert